Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2022-2026 | COIN A Good Buy?

In recent months, a selloff in cryptocurrencies has caused a significant fall in the price of Coinbase shares. The share price dropped to $40.95, its lowest point since May of this year. Its market value has decreased by more than 81% this year to little over $9.6 billion. The company’s market capitalization peaked at almost $70 billion.


Coinbase Stock Price History

In mid-April 2021, Coinbase Global, Inc. Will start trading on the stock exchange. At the time, the demand for the cryptocurrency was rising, causing its share price to reach an all-time high of $429.12.

It varied between $260.93 and $208.00 between mid-May and mid-October 2021. However, it reached a peak above the upper limit of the range in mid-August.

After the breakout, the price on Coinbase reached a seven-month high in November 2021, which would reverse the trend that lasted this year. In May, the stock hit an all-time low of $40.95. The stock crashed after trying to recover again as the crypto selloff intensified. (Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2022-2026 | COIN A Good Buy?)

Coinbase Market Share

First of all, the company is still one of the top bitcoin exchanges worldwide. In terms of daily trading volume, it is ranked sixth, as can be seen in the graph below. While new businesses may enter the market in the upcoming years, Coinbase is expected to continue to be one of the most well-known brands in the US and internationally.

Coinbase market share

Cryptocurrency Adoption Rate

The usage of cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically in recent years. By the conclusion of the second quarter of 2021, the Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index indicated that the score was 24. In contrast, a year prior, it was at 2.4. The adoption rate in 2020 increased by 881% and 2300% from Q3 2019 and Q2 2020. A continuance of this pattern is anticipated to raise Coinbase’s stock price in the upcoming months.


Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2022

Over the past few months, there has been a significant negative trend in the price of Coinbase shares. The stock hit a year-to-date low of $40.95 as a result of these gains. We can see that the stock has had a significant selloff on the daily chart below. It is located below all moving averages and has produced a double-bottom pattern. (Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2022-2026 | COIN A Good Buy?)

A negative trend has developed in the Relative Strength Index (RSI). The stock will most certainly close the year at $35 as a result. The negative perspective will be refuted by a rise over the $55 barrier level.


Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2023

The daily chart demonstrates the recent significant negative trend in the price of Coinbase’s stock. The stock also lost ground below its 50-day and 25-day moving averages. The crucial support level of $44.50, which was the lowest point on June 30, has been somewhat surpassed.

Coinbase stock price prediction 2023

The share price has developed a brief bearish flag pattern. As a result, I believe that the stock will continue to fall in the short term before rising in 2023 if the price of cryptocurrencies starts to drop. The stock’s short-term prognosis is $40.

Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2024 – COIN Forecast for 2024

Month Rate Forecast MIN Rate MAX Rate Volati-
lity, %
Jan 62.57 56.63 64.97 12.83 %
Feb 62.19 59.13 64.80 8.75 %
Mar 62.04 59.73 67.48 11.47 %
Apr 60.55 58.44 64.40 9.25 %
May 58.52 54.80 60.62 9.61 %
Jun 65.19 63.15 68.32 7.56 %
Jul 62.76 59.83 64.72 7.56 %
Aug 57.57 54.60 59.92 8.88 %
Sep 57.91 54.58 61.18 10.79 %
Oct 57.22 53.72 61.95 13.30 %
Nov 55.98 54.44 58.67 7.21 %
Dec 53.97 50.73 58.11 12.70 %

Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2025 – COIN Forecast for 2025

Month Rate Forecast MIN Rate MAX Rate Volati-
lity, %
Jan 105.82 101.63 115.34 11.89 %
Feb 100.23 91.81 109.73 16.33 %
Mar 97.58 94.19 104.02 9.46 %
Apr 90.09 87.60 93.55 6.36 %
May 80.57 74.68 87.63 14.78 %
Jun 76.61 72.75 78.91 7.81 %
Jul 81.85 74.68 88.82 15.92 %
Aug 81.26 78.14 83.21 6.09 %
Sep 81.65 74.30 86.45 14.05 %
Oct 81.06 76.10 85.83 11.33 %
Nov 89.92 82.79 96.82 14.49 %
Dec 95.42 88.78 98.05 9.46 %

Coinbase Stock Price Prediction 2026 – COIN Forecast for 2026

Month Rate Forecast MIN Rate MAX Rate Volati-
lity, %
Jan 61.23 55.50 65.34 15.07 %
Feb 60.64 56.42 63.48 11.12 %
Mar 63.99 61.68 67.06 8.02 %
Apr 65.29 61.53 67.80 9.24 %
May 58.48 56.65 61.21 7.45 %
Jun 56.72 52.23 60.94 14.30 %
Jul 58.90 56.99 62.01 8.09 %
Aug 61.80 58.16 63.73 8.73 %
Sep 62.02 56.22 64.85 13.31 %
Oct 68.94 65.88 71.92 8.40 %
Nov 68.20 66.40 71.14 6.67 %
Dec 65.50 61.88 71.00 12.84 %

FAQs : Coinbase Stock

1. What is Coinbase Market Capitalization?

Market capitalization is a crucial factor in determining how much a company is worth. It is calculated by dividing the number of outstanding shares by the firm’s share price. Coinbase has a $9.65 billion market valuation, according to Yahoo Finance.

2. Is Coinbase A Good Investment?

The price of Coinbase stock is heavily associated with the cryptocurrency markets, which are risky and volatile investments. Your risk tolerance and investing plan will determine if Coinbase is a suitable fit for your portfolio.

Be aware that projections for the price of Coinbase stock made by analysts and algorithms often turn out to be inaccurate. COIN stock predictions shouldn’t be used in place of your own independent study. Always keep in mind that past results do not guarantee future results, and never trade money you cannot afford to lose.

3. Is Coinbase Profitable?

Earnings and sales for Coinbase Global, Inc. in Q3 of 21 fell short of expectations. Additionally, the recent market selloff has resulted in a considerable fall in its share price in recent months. The business saw significant profits in 2021, but lost this year.

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Coinbase Stock Price News

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the US is Coinbase. This year in particular, as bitcoin has fallen sharply in value, it has been under attack. Coinbase and CryptoKitties have worked together in the past.

It is now trading near the psychologically important $200 level after climbing above this area last week. Specifically, the $200 resistance level has been holding steady for more than three weeks. Before falling below this range in late January, it had been trading above it since becoming a publicly listed business in April 2021.

Lately, there has been a lot of Coinbase news. First, the corporation has been in trouble because fewer people are using its platform, which has caused problems. Cryptocurrency exchanges have historically performed well when prices are rising and vice versa. They draw additional customers who seek to profit from increased costs.

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Second, businesses were forced to lay off in an effort to save money. The company had said in June that 1,100 jobs would be lost. The company later eliminated 60 more jobs in November following these layoffs. Looking at the serious problems of the company, more layoffs can be done.

Third, Coinbase disclosed conflicting financial data. Compared to the same period last year, its third quarter revenue declined by double digits. By $600 million, revenue plummeted. It also turned in loss territory and lost $545 million.

Businesses removed many coins from their wallets due to limited usage, which is another important piece of news from Coinbase. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple and Stellar are among the coins that have been removed from the list.

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