Commsec Pocket Review | Commsec Pocket Good For Investment?

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Commsec Pocket Review :

It is a micro-investing platform, sometimes known as a “pocket app,” where users may make extremely modest investments. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia built it in 2017 and gave it the moniker “commsec pocket app.”

Australian investors may simply spend a minimum of $50 AUD to begin their investing experience with our portable software. Investors have access to 7 (seven) distinct types of ETFs, which we shall discuss in greater detail later in this article. ETFs refer to a single stock that represents 10–20 or 100 individual stocks. The stocks in ETFs are also organised into several categories, such as tech stocks, mining stocks, healthcare stocks, and so on.

The main motivation behind the creation of the commsec pocket app is to provide opportunity to individuals who don’t have much capital to trade in the stock market or who are completely new to investing. The cost to start investing is significantly lower with the Commsec Pocket App than it is with the standard Commsec Trading App. (Commsec Pocket Review | Commsec Pocket Good For Investment?)

How does commsec pocket app works?

  • Simply, user need to register on commsec pocket app and create their unique username and password then they need to login in the app. Then user will have around 7 options of ETFs to choose from.
  • User can choose any type of of ETFs for starting their investing journey according to the price of ETFs which fits in their budget.
  • After selecting desired ETFs option user can pay their fees and the amount for ETFs.
  • As soon as payment got cleared, number of ETFs will start reflecting in commsec pocket app account.
    Finally….woohooo…. User is no more user … He or She is now a Investor.

Features of Commsec Pocket

  1. Investment can be done automatically using a direct debit service in app.
  2. Over 6 ETFs to choose from as a starting investment.
  3. It is CHESS sponsored app which gives an ultimate level of security to the investments of investors.
  4. Brokerage is very less if investor invest over $1000 AUD.
  5. Commsec pocket maintenance fees is very low even in some conditions its totally free.

What is Commsec Pocket Fees?

Well, the commsec pocket fees are really modest; let’s live a little more realistically. Commsec Pocket only charges $2 AUD each trading or purchase of certain ETFs if the investment is less than $1000. On the other side, Commsec charges 0.2% of the investor’s investment amount if it exceeds $1000.

If you attempt to invest in shares or ETFs via the Commonwealth Bank’s sole primary app, commsec, you will fail. Investors must pay $10 Australian dollars for each trade they execute, and the minimum trade size on commsec is $500. This is quite costly and makes it more difficult for inexperienced investors to begin their trading careers.

There are also several additional options on the market, such as Riaz, Spaceship, and selfweath. Although these micro-investing platforms may have minimal costs, they lack the security of commsec Pocket and provide entirely different features. So, we believe that the commsec pocket fees are fair.

Is Commsec pocket app safe?

Yes, it is 99% safe

We rated the app as 99% safe since CHESS is the sponsor, meaning that everyone who deposited money through the app and purchased any type of ETF is a legitimate shareholder of that ETF or firm.

When new investors notice a decline in the stock market, they might become alarmed. However, ups and downs are typical in this game. As a result of their lack of information and expertise in share market trading, rookie investors will undoubtedly lose money if they sell their investments at a loss.

In the long term, investing in stocks might be risky, but with these types of micro-investing apps, investments are virtually always secure and provide good returns.

It is advised to new investors to just continue investing and to maintain composure while ETF prices rise or fall. With time, you’ll start to see green everywhere and start to generate money. (Please note that this is only a suggestion based on our experience, not financial advice. If you intend to completely depend on this information, avoid investing.

What are current Commsec pocket ETFs or commsec pocket ETF list?

Aussie top 200: IOZ This ETFs is a mixture of top 200 companies listed in ASX- Australian Securities Exchange or ASX200 7.50% 0.09%
Global 100: 100 This ETFs is a mixture of top 100 companies from all over the globe. companies from Australia, United Kingdom, United States holds the most share in this one. 3.25% 0.4%
Aussie dividends: SYI This ETFs is mixture of 30 companies from history who paid highest value as a return in form of dividend to their lucky investors. 6.70% 0.35%
Emerging markets: IEM This ETFs is a mixture of well setup companies and more than 780 businesses around the globe. Business or companies from developing countries such as India, Taiwan, Korea and few more are part of this ETF. 9.50% 0.68%
HealthWise: IXJ 100 Medicines and health focused companies around the world are a main in this ETF. 5.50% 0.46%
Sustainable leaders: ETHI Worlds top 200 sustainable companies are the main holders in this ETF. 22.00% 0.59%
Tech savvy: NDQ This ETF is a mixture of 100 tech companies from all over the world specially from the countries like America, China and Australia. 21.00% 0.48%

What is the best Commsec Pocket ETF?

By comparing several Commsec pocket ETF kinds according to their returns and management costs, it can be plainly shown above.
But you are also a consideration to consider while determining the finest ETF. Confused?
Well, it depends on each individual’s goals and motivations for investing. Time duration is a crucial factor for determining the best ETF.

For instance, someone who has been investing in ETHI for five years would see different returns than someone who recently made the identical investment since compounding is important.

Do commsec pocket app pay dividend on investment?

Yes, fortunate investor, I agree.
On the investments made by investors, they pay dividends. As ETFs are the primary assets on this platform, dividends are paid in accordance with the holdings in ETFs as well as the planned time for dividend payouts. This is similar to how dividends are paid in the Commsec pocket app. (Commsec Pocket Review | Commsec Pocket Good For Investment?)

Commsec pocket for Kids

In the commsec pocket app, there isn’t a specific choice for investments for children, to be honest. Simply put, parents must decide that the money they deposit in this micro-investing programme is for their children. otherwise, kids don’t have a communications pocket.
There are undoubtedly a few more micro-investing applications on the market, such as Raiz and Spaceship. Choose these programmes if you genuinely want a separate ETF investing account for your children.

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Commsec pocket login

To log into the commsec pocket app, just enter your username and password. It may ask for your connected credit card pin to authenticate your identity if you can’t log in after changing your password or username.

Commsec pocket performance

The app’s user interface is really simple to use, and it runs quite quickly. A novice may use the mobile app and invest in ETFs with ease.

Commsec pocket security

The commsec pocket app is password-protected and extremely safe in and of itself. Additionally, since all of the investments in the app are CHESS sponsored, meaning the investor is a legitimate owner of that ETF, they are also highly safe.

Commsec pocket brokerage fees

As was stated above, commsec pocket costs are $2 for transactions under $1000 and 0.02% for transactions beyond that amount.

Commsec pocket support

Well their is clear page for FAQ, still if you got any question regarding commsec pocket app, simply email then on or contact here.

Commsec pocket returns

Commsec pocket returns over the long term are excellent. They are significantly more than holding your money in a bank since inflation will progressively eat away at it each year.

What is the difference between commsec vs commsec pocket ? – Commsec vs commsec pocket.

Commsec Commsec pocket
There is a minimum purchase requirement of $500 and fees of $10 each transaction up to $500 and $20 up to trade values of $10,000 using the specialised app Commsec. Commsec Pocket is a micro-investing software where users deposit money to purchase ETFs with a minimum purchase amount of $50. Up to $1000, trading costs are simply $2, and they increase to 0.02% for trades beyond that amount.

What is pocket commsec ?

Commsec pocket and commsec are the same thing. Sometimes when hearing about our software for the first time, potential investors mistakenly search for pocket commsec instead of commsec pocket.

Commsec pocket vs raiz

The Raiz app is a good option for investors with a first-time investment budget of less than $50 because it just requires a $5 minimum. Additionally, they offer a feature called Raiz Rewards that allows users or investors to earn free money.

Commsec Pocket VS Spaceship

The UK-made Spaceship Micro-Investing App focuses mostly on tech-savvy businesses, therefore there are fewer ETF investment possibilities available than with Commsec Pocket, but their costs are unquestionably much lower.

Commsec pocket Withdrawal fees

The Commsec Pocket app is free to use, has no withdrawal fees, and if you request a withdrawal, your cash will be paid to your associated bank account within two days.

Commsec Pocket Reddit

On Reddit, there is a group that frequently debates the benefits and drawbacks of the commsec pocket app as well as the cost of the service.

Additionally, on the commsec pocket reddit, users share their experiences using pocket commsec for investment. The community there also talks about the amount of commsec dividends that they received relative to the value of their investment.

Commsec pocket barefoot investor

This micro trading programme has also received recommendations from barefoot investors. Commsec Pocket’s costs and features have made barefoot investors extremely pleased.


How much should I invest in CommSec pockets ?

$50 AUD is the minimum investment requirement, and trades under $1000 AUD incur a $2 AUD cost. We advise going over your investment budget to see how much money you can afford to invest in order to determine how much you should put in a communications security pocket.

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How does commsec pocket pay dividends ?

The dividend from any ETF that is due for a distribution is automatically reinvested in your account. Dividends are distributed entirely automatically using the commsec pocket app.

Is commsec pocket good ?

Yes, commsec pocket is beneficial since it enables novice investors to begin their trading careers with just $50—a relatively little sum for which to take a risk in the stock market.

Is CommSec Pocket good for long term investment?

Yes, the commsec pocket app is a fantastic option for long-term investments since certain ETF offer returns of over 22% annually, compared to typical fixed bank deposits that are much lower than those offered by commsec pocket.


The Commsec Pocket App is a practical micro-investing tool with several advantages. Investors have a wide range of options for selecting different types of ETFs for their investments. Additionally, Commsec pocket fees are relatively reasonable and are within the means of every investor. Since Commsec sought to restrict the number of investors to a minimum, its pocket ETFs are likewise quite diverse. The commsec pocket app review of 2022, in our opinion.

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