DiDi Stock Price Prediction | DiDi Price Forecast 2022-2030

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The current price of DiDi (DIDIY) stock is 2.37 USD. Some analysts predict that the price of DiDi Global Inc. shares will drop soon. The company’s sluggish growth and rising competition are listed as factors for this prognosis.

DiDi has also been having some financial problems, and its share price has already declined dramatically in recent months. Investors may wish to exercise caution in the upcoming weeks despite the fact that it is difficult to predict how the stock will fare.

About DiDi Global Inc.

Didi Chuxing, sometimes known as DiDi, is a Beijing-based international Chinese transportation corporation. It is a large, international firm that provides its clients with a variety of possibilities.

Cheng Wei founded the company in June 2012 and is presently its chairman and CEO. Currently, the company’s acting president is Liu Qing.

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Customers of DiDi may choose from a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, buses, motorbikes, and bicycles. In addition, a smartphone app is available for consumers to book and pay for rides. Through its subsidiary businesses, DiDi offers food delivery in addition to transportation services.

One of the transportation firms with the quickest rate of growth in the globe is DiDi. It is no surprise that DiDi is dominating the world thanks to its practical services and affordable costs. (DiDi Stock Price Prediction | DiDi Price Forecast 2022-2030)

Areas Served:

  • Mainland China
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Russia
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Dominican Republic
  • Egypt

DiDi Global (DIDIY) Financial Information & Performance

Market Cap 11.504B
Enterprise Value 5.06B
Shares Outstanding 4.85B
Public Float 2.35B
EBITDA -39.61B
Volume 2,967,105
Avg. Volume 5,297,583
52 Week Range 1.2500 – 8.6000
200-Day Moving Average 2.5853
PE Ratio (TTM) N/A
EPS (TTM) -2.8360
Payout Ratio 0.00%
Forward Dividend & Yield N/A
Trailing P/E N/A
Forward P/E N/A


Profit Margin -28.39%
Operating Margin (ttm) -26.26%

Management Effectiveness

Return on Assets (ttm) -19.00%
Return on Equity (ttm) -40.67%

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow (ttm) -13.41B
Levered Free Cash Flow (ttm) -7.84B

DiDi Stock Price Prediction 2022

DIDIY stock is currently worth 2.37 USD. The average target price for a DiDi share is predicted to be 2.42 USD in December 2022. With bullish trends anticipated to persist, the lowest and maximum projected prices for the timeframe are 2.28 USD and 2.60 USD, respectively. 12.279% is the predicted monthly price volatility. (DiDi Stock Price Prediction | DiDi Price Forecast 2022-2030)

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DiDi Stock Price Prediction 2023

It is anticipated that DIDIY shares will have an average target price of 2.34 USD in 2023. Prices are forecast to vary from 2.20 USD as the lowest price target to 2.53 USD as the highest target price over this time, with negative tendencies expected to predominate. The monthly price volatility is predicted to be 12.883%.

DiDi Stock Price Prediction 2024

DIDIY stock will rise to an average price target of 2.31 USD in 2024, according to analyst predictions. The lowest and maximum price objectives are expected to be 2.22 and 2.49 USD, respectively. There will be 10.76% monthly price volatility, according to projections.

DiDi Stock Price Prediction 2025

The average price target for the DIDIY stock in 2025 will be 2.11 USD, according to analyst predictions. It is projected that the price objectives will be 2.04 USD and 2.19 USD, respectively. It is anticipated that monthly price volatility of 6.660% will likely occur.

DiDi Stock Price Prediction 2026

According to analyst forecasts, the average price goal for DIDIY stock in 2026 is 2.31 USD. Price predictions are anticipated to range from 2.25 USD at the low to 2.39 USD at the high. Up to a 6.087% monthly price change is projected.

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Didi Stock Price Forecast 2027

DiDi stock price prediction to 2027. The lowest cost might be as low as $17, while the most expensive could rise to $22.

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Didi Stock Price Forecast 2028

DiDi stock price prediction to 2028. The lowest price might be $23 and the highest price could be $28.

Didi Stock Price Forecast 2029

DiDi stock price prediction to 2029. The lowest price that can be obtained is $29, and the maximum price that can be obtained is $35.

Didi Stock Price Prediction 2030

DiDi stock price prediction to 2030. The lowest price that can be obtained is $29, and the maximum price that can be obtained is $35.

FAQs : DiDiy Stock Forcast

Is Didi Stock A Good Buy?

Despite the fact that regulators are now preventing DiDi’s domestic development, its core business is steady. The epidemic caused its revenue to increase by 14% in 2019, drop by 8% in 2020, then increase by 23% to 173.8 billion yuan ($27.3 billion) in 2021.

Is DiDi Global Stock A Buy?

When it comes to investing in stocks, there are no guarantees. Even the most well-known businesses can suffer unexpected setbacks that send their stock values spiralling downward. Investing in stocks is always risky, but certain equities are riskier than others.

Many analysts think that investing in DiDi Global stock is extremely hazardous and speculative. On the one hand, the stock’s present low price makes it a potentially alluring investment for those looking for a deal.

However, DiDi is currently dealing with some significant difficulties, such as growing costs and new Chinese government limitations. Additionally, if certain criteria aren’t met, the firm may be removed from Nasdaq’s list of publicly traded companies. (DiDi Stock Price Prediction | DiDi Price Forecast 2022-2026)

Even with all of these dangers, DiDi Global is still profitable. One of the most widely used ride-sharing applications worldwide, it boasts 377 million monthly active users.

DiDi Global stock can be a good option if you’re ready to assume a lot of risk. But make sure you first do your homework and are aware of all the potential hazards.

Does Didi Trade In Hong Kong?

Didi states that by being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market, its American depositary shares would be able to be swapped into “freely tradable shares of the Company on another internationally recognised stock exchange.” It was nonetheless reported that the business had shelved plans for a Hong Kong IPO after learning from authorities that their suggestions to reduce security and data breaches had fallen short.

Can I Buy Stock In Didi?

You may short Didi shares using our CFD trading platform. Taking a “selling” position on a company’s shares involves going short on them in order to gain from falling share prices.

Is Didi Stock An ADR?

On May 23, 2022, DiDi’s shareholders made the decision to delist their ADRs. On June 6, 2022, Chinese officials said that DiDi’s applications will once again be allowed on app stores, and it is believed that the regulatory inquiry will be over.

What Will Happen To Didi Shares?

The largest ride-hailing company in China, Didi, has opted to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. The decision, which was widely anticipated, was made as a result of the company’s poor relationship with the Chinese government following a hasty and ultimately controversial public-market launch in the United States.

What Happens If Didi Is Delisted?

The move, if approved, could significantly harm Didi’s stock price, which has dropped 90% since the business went public on the NYSE in late June. The US “over-the-counter” (OTC) market, which is mostly unregulated and has far less liquidity than the NYSE, receives shares of companies that delist from the NYSE.

DIDIY Appears To Be A Good Long-Term Investment

Many investors are seeking for firms that still provide space for development as the stock market soars to new heights. DiDi Global Stock is one such business. The stock is inexpensive, which appeals to many investors despite the fact that it is a very hazardous and speculative investment.

At first look, DiDi Global Inc Stock might not seem like a smart investment. After all, it is presently valued at about 50% less than the IPO price and is regarded as a very hazardous investment.

For individuals with a long-term outlook, DiDi Global Inc Stock appears to be a great investment. The business continues to grow its operations abroad and has a significant market share in China. Additionally, it has a strong brand and a devoted user base with about 377 million users annually.

These elements suggest that DiDi Global Inc Stock will recover in the upcoming years and offer investors respectable profits.

Conclusion :

The DiDi stock price is expected to decrease during the coming year. This is predicated on a number of things, including Didi’s inability to attract additional investment and Uber’s recent entry into the Chinese market.

Even if they are not the only elements influencing the company’s future, they offer a clear picture of where things may be going. It might be wise to postpone your decision to invest in this firm until additional information about its long-term prospects is available.

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