Finviz Stock Screener Review | Is it Worth $299.50 a Year?

Hello guys, once again welcome to MoneyBanlkLe.Com. Today we will review FINVIZ and learn a lot about it.  In this review, I’m going to cover the features that come free with FINVIZ and the extra features you would receive from the $24.96/month subscription to Elite. (Finviz Stock Screener | Finviz Stock Screener Review | Is it Worth $299.50 a Year?)


What is FINVIZ ?

One of the greatest stock screeners in the world is FINVIZ. You may ask any of its over 20 million monthly users if you don’t believe me. Only the most serious investors and traders find value in upgrading to FINVIZ Elite; the great majority of these investors and traders use FINVIZ for free.

That speaks volumes about the robust feature set offered with the free version of FINVIZ rather than the dearth of features in FINVIZ Elite. (Finviz Stock Screener | Finviz Stock Screener Review | Is it Worth $299.50 a Year?)

Notable : FINVIZ is drenched with advertisements.

FINVIZ Features (FINVIZ Review)

Stock Screener

The screener at FINVIZ is well-known (but did you know it has other functions, too?).

When FINVIZ is mentioned, the following comes to mind:


Using the screener, investors may sort through tens of thousands of companies from markets across the globe based on the descriptive, fundamental, or technical criteria that are most relevant to them.

  1. Descriptive (stock price, market capitalization, exchange, etc.)
  2. Fundamental (P/E, operating margin, return on assets, etc.)
  3. Technical (20-day SMA, RSI, volatility, etc.)

This is frequently where users begin and end their use of FINVIZ.

Except for the Alert and Export functions, almost all of the screener’s features are free to use (available with FINVIZ Elite).

Company Search

You may input any stock symbol in the upper-left corner of the website to instantly obtain its chart (along with some pre-drawn technical analysis), some essential quantitative data and fundamental numbers, and a news feed:


You may change the chart’s timeframes and charting types (such as candlestick or line).

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The most recent headlines for news stories in the financial sector are gathered by FINVIZ from a variety of sources. These articles can either be sorted by origin or chronologically.

Heat Maps & Groups

The two elements of FINVIZ that have the best aesthetic appeal are Heat Maps and Groups.

You can rapidly assess the performance of many sectors and industries with the Heat Maps tool:


The same performance data is displayed by the Groups tool, but it is converted into bar charts and spectrums:


Personally, I like graphically presented facts since I find it lot simpler to understand.


Although Elite users are the only ones who can get portfolio notifications, registered users may still establish up to 50 portfolios and add up to 50 tickers each portfolio.

More Data – Insiders & Futures & Other Markets

Insider trading, futures, forex, and cryptocurrency markets are also available for research.

FINVIZ Elite Features

Along with everything offered by the free plan, FINVIZ Elite subscribers have access to services like:

  • Real-Time and Extended Hours – Premarket and aftermarket data in all stock features, as well as real-time stock quotations.
  • Advanced Charts – More charting options are required to conduct in-depth technical analysis (intraday charts, overlays and indicators, drawing tools, etc.).
  • Backtests – Before implementing your trading strategies on the actual market, evaluate them.
  • Correlations – private correlation algorithms that are geared for the financial markets.
  • Advanced Screener – Get data exports, statistics, specialised filters, and more.
  • Alerts – Establish email alerts for price changes, portfolio updates, and newly listed tickers that meet screener criteria.

Presented without any ads.

FINVIZ Elite Cost

When invoiced yearly, FINVIZ Elite costs $24.96/month ($299.50 total), or $39.50/month.

Don’t be hesitant to give Elite a test drive if you’re intrigued since FINVIZ provides a money-back guarantee during the first 30 days of subscription!

FINVIZ Elite Review (Who is FINVIZ Elite Best For?)

A FINVIZ Elite subscription is only worthwhile for a very small percentage of investors and traders, as I said at the beginning.

However, if you want real-time quotes, sophisticated charting features, and/or employ backtesting features, you may not want to use this.

Additionally, FINVIZ has the most quantitative data of any platform.

The Bottom Line: You don’t need me to tell you that you need FINVIZ Elite.

If you’re unsure, give it a try risk-free for 30 days before making up your mind.

And I believe you’ll be happy with the free edition if you’re wondering “What type of individual is constructing their own algorithmic trading bots and wants to verify the dependability of their multi-indicator technical analysis system over 24 years of historical data?”

FAQs: Finviz

Is FinViz Elite worth it?

If you use FinViz frequently, Elite could be worthwhile.

The service is not worthwhile for the great majority of traders and investors to pay the cost.

How much does FinViz Elite cost?

FinViz Elite is available for $299.50 per year or $39.50 per month.

Is FinViz Elite real-time?

FinViz Elite does indeed display data and prices in real-time.

Conclusion :

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