Multibagger Stock: GPIL Made 8 Lakhs From 1 Lakh in 3Years

Multibagger Stock (GPIL): This stock has been giving good returns to the investors for the last three years. Due to this, the investors have got full confidence that the GPIL Stock is likely to give more good returns in the coming times. At the present closing price, the current market capitalization of GPIL is around Rs 4,399.60 crore. Wherein, at the current market price, the dividend yield of GPIL is more than 3.5%.


By the way, there are many stocks in the stock market which have given huge returns to the investors. Similarly, there are some stocks in which some investors have also suffered losses. We should know that along with investing in the stock market, it is also necessary to have patience. Also keep in mind that if we invest in stocks at the right time, we are sure to get strong returns. A stock has made investors rich. Today I am going to tell you about the same stock. GPIL Stock Yes, this is the stock which has made investors rich. May I tell you that this stock has consistently given good bumper returns to the investors for the last three years. Investors have full faith that this stock is expected to give good bumper returns in the coming times. Now let us know about this stock.

Multibagger Stock : (GPIL) made investors millionaires

This stock, which has made investors rich by giving bumper returns in the stock market, belongs to Godavari Power and Ispat Limited (GPIL). It (Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd.) is a flagship company of Heera Group which is situated in Raipur. This stock has made investors rich by giving excellent returns. Those who had invested one lakh rupees in this stock three years ago, they have got 8 times profit, yes, 8 lakh investors have got direct one lakh rupees. Those people who did not invest in this stock, today they are getting very surprised to see this wonderful bumper return. If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock (Godawari Power & Ispat) three years ago, he would have got Rs 8 lakh today. Talking about the price of this stock today i.e. 22nd November 2022, on Tuesday, it is currently running around Rs.302. And if we talk about three years back from today, then this stock was around Rs.36. Talking about Monday, a day earlier i.e. 21 November 2022, the shares of GPIL had closed at the level of Rs 312.15. For information, let us share that on BSE, the stock had touched an intraday high of Rs 323.80, up by Rs 39.30 or 14.40%. The share price of (Godavari Power & Steel) was up by at least 18.67% during the day. It was Multibagger Stock godawari power and ispat news or gpil-multibagger-stock-news

About Multibagger Stock : GPIL – Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd.


Godavari Power & Steel Limited (GPIL) is a public limited company. It was established in 1999. Ispat Godavari Limited (IGL) was formally incorporated to set up an integrated steel plant with captive power generation. Ispat Godavari Limited (IGL) is an integrated steel maker. Its presence in the long product segment of steel industry mainly in mild steel wire is the main tenant or can say dominance. As compared to today, GPIL is an end-to-end manufacturer of Mild Steel Wires. In this process, the company manufactures Billets, Sponge Iron, Captive Power, Ferro Alloys, Wire Rods (through Subsidiary Company), Steel Wire, Oxygen Gas, Fly Ash Brick etc., but not the least Pellets. The Godavari Power & Ispat Limited Company has also been given the rights to mine iron ore and coal so that there is no constraint for captive consumption, and as a result, the company is involved in steel wire across the entire value chain (from raw material to final product). ) has been very successful in crossing over and is now a fully integrated producer. To know more about this company click here.

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Is gpil multibagger?

Yes, after reading this article it seems that gpil is very much a multibagger.


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