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The Kannada cinema industry is expanding rapidly with each passing year. The industry is creating high-caliber pictures that are both critically and commercially successful. We anticipate some thrilling Kannada films in 2023, thus it looks to be no different.


Isaimini Dubbed Movies | Tamil Dubbed Movies Download in Isaimini

The top 10 Tamil films to see in 2023 are listed below.

1. Darbar


If you enjoy action movies, ‘The Darbar’ is a must watch. Directed by V. Manohar, the focus of the film is on the lead character played by Satish. Fans are counting down the days before watching this action-packed film on the big screen as it is all set to release on June 9, 2023.

2. Melody Drama


The great actors Sathya and Supritha Sathyanarayan play the key parts in ManjuKarthik G’s excellent Kannada romance drama film Melody Drama. All enthusiasts of Kannada movies must see Melody Drama. The movie will be released on June 9, 2023.

3. Yadha Yadha Hi

You will be on the edge of your seat during the engrossing narrative and several suspenseful scenes. Directed by Ashok Teja, the film stars Digant Manchale in the lead role. All the viewers are promised a thrilling experience with this Kannada film.

4. Hint

Kannada suspense thriller “The Hint” grabs all the attention of the audience. Naresh Jayappa will play the lead role in this film directed by Vedhavyas. The film is all set to release on June 2, 2023 and fans can’t wait.

Isaimini Tamil Dubbed Movies | Tamil Dubbed Movies Download

5. Radha Ramana

The film beautifully depicts relationships and love. The heartwarming love story between Sanjana and Raghav is the focus of the film. M. N. Srikanth is the director of this film. The movie debuted on June 2, 2023.

6. Pinki Elli ?

The film beautifully depicts relationships and love. The on-screen chemistry between Akshatha Pandavapura and Deepak Subramanya is irresistible, and the narrative keeps viewers interested the entire time. The releasing date of this Kannada film was June 2, 2023.

7. Jersey Number 10

This film’s plot is centred on sports. Adyah Thimmaiah M, who also serves as the film’s director, also stars as its lead. You can see a man’s struggle throughout the film.

8. Daredevil Musthafa

In this much awaited Kannada comic drama, be ready to go on an exciting journey with the brave Musthafa! The entertaining Poornachandra plays the key part in the film, which is directed by the accomplished Shashank Soghal. He effortlessly combines action with humour, leaving you in stitches.

9. Magale

In the thriller and suspense categories is the Kannada movie Magle. The film, which was directed by Somu, has Gururaj as the principal actor in the role of the protagonist. The plot is intended to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and to create a great deal of excitement among both fans and moviegoers.

10. Hide And Seek

Moviegoers have long preferred the action subgenre, and with the debut of “The Darbar,” fans are in for a treat. Punith Nagaraju was the director. It has a strong plot, a superb cast, including Anoop Revanna, and exciting action scenes, which together make for a movie that will keep you interested the entire time.

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