Jenna Ellis becomes third Trump lawyer to plead guilty in Georgia RICO case

Jenna Ellis becomes third Trump lawyer to plead guilty in Georgia RICO case : Jenna Ellis, a third member of former President Donald Trump’s previous team of lawyers for his 2020 campaign, pleaded guilty to charges Tuesday in a Georgia election tampering and fraud case.

Jenna Ellis becomes third Trump lawyer to plead guilty in Georgia RICO case

Ellis is the fourth defendant to enter a guilty plea in the trial, in which 19 people, including Trump, are accused of conspiring to try to rig the Georgia election. He reached a plea bargain with prosecutors less than two weeks after Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro did so and only hours before the start of their trials.

Ellis entered a guilty plea in Georgia to one count of encouraging false writings and statements. The charges resulted from his appearance with Rudy Giuliani and Ray Smith before a Georgia Senate panel on December 3, 2020.

Ellis : “Guilty.”

In September, Atlanta-area bailiff Scott Hall reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Tearful apology

Ellis spoke at length before the judge, talking about his own “failures” and feeling “deep remorse” for denying that he had anything to do with Trump’s legal efforts to rig the 2020 election. Had something to do. Had nothing to do with it.

According to Ellis, “As a lawyer who is also a Christian, I take my responsibilities as a lawyer very seriously and strive to be a person of good moral and ethical character in all my dealings.” But she said after the 2020 election, “I failed to do my due diligence.”

“I relied on others to provide accurate and reliable information, even lawyers with far more years of experience than me… Your Excellency, I should have ensured that other lawyers were aware of the facts, which I ignored Did it. According to Ellis the allegations were true.

Implicating Giuliani

Ellis’ lawsuit claimed that Giuliani lied to Georgia legislators by promoting false ideas of voter fraud. This comes a week after Chesbro accused Giuliani of participating in a voting fraud conspiracy to undermine the Electoral College. Giuliani said he did nothing wrong.

Ellis reportedly said in court documents that she “knowingly aided and abetted” Giuliani and another Trump attorney, Ray Smith, in “making false statements” to members of the Georgia Senate.

He made baseless allegations of widespread voting fraud, including mail-in ballots and claims of hundreds of alleged illegal votes cast by convicts, children and “dead people”. Both Smith and Giuliani pleaded innocent.

According to multiple investigations and recounts conducted by Georgia election officials, none of these allegations were genuine. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the state by about 12,000 votes.

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Prosecutors reduced Ellis’ initial two counts, including a violation of Georgia’s RICO racketeering statute, in exchange for his cooperation. In a statement, Trump’s attorney Steve Sadow said he felt it was beneficial to his client and pointed out that Ellis’ illegal activity “does not even mention President Trump.”

According to Sadow, in exchange for the probation plea, Fani Willis and her prosecution team dropped RICO charges four times. This shows that DA Willis is just using the alleged RICO case as a talking point.

According to prosecutors, Ellis, who maintains a strong online personality, is not allowed to publish anything about the case on social media while legal action is being taken against any of the defendants.

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Ellis admitted that many of his public claims made after the election, including the claim that the race was “stolen” from Trump, were false in separate disciplinary processes in Colorado, where he is a licensed attorney. , After receiving a reprimand from the judge and agreeing to pay $224, the misconduct investigation was closed.

She has not been around Trump recently, and she has openly supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ bid for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

Ellis made a public complaint about the lack of financial support from pro-Trump organizations after his indictment. Through Internet crowd sourcing platforms, she has raised over $216,000 in total.

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