Medibank Share Price | Medibank Dividend History

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What is Medibank ?

Medibank is located in Australia. In Australia, Medibank Private Limited offers private health insurance as well as medical services. The business is divided into the Health Insurance and Medibank Health sectors. The Health Insurance division sells private health insurance products, such as hospital cover, which covers members’ medical expenses for inpatient care, and ancillary cover, which covers members’ medical expenses for services like dentistry, vision, and physiotherapy. Additionally, this category provides international tourists and international students with health insurance options. The Medibank Health sector offers government and corporate clients health management, in-home care, and a variety of telemedicine services. It also sells pet, life, and travel insurance products. The Medibank and ahm brands are used by the corporation to underwrite its health insurance products. (Medibank Share Price | Medibank Dividend History)

Medibank Dividend History 2022 – Medibank Private Ltd. (MPL) Dividends

Medibank dividend history 2022. Above mentioned data is taken from official website of Medibank.

Sector Market Cap Distribution Type Dividend Franking Ex-dividend date Payment date Current Price Price 7D avg Dividend yield
Financials $8,620 Result 6.1c 100% Mar-04-2022 Mar-24-2022 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 6.9c 100% Sep-08-2021 Sep-30-2021 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5.8c 100% Mar-03-2021 Mar-25-2021 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 6.3c 100% Sep-02-2020 Sep-24-2020 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5.7c 100% Mar-03-2020 Mar-26-2020 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 9.9c 100% Sep-04-2019 Sep-26-2019 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5.7c 100% Mar-05-2019 Mar-28-2019 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 7.2c 100% Sep-05-2018 Sep-27-2018 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5.5c 100% Mar-06-2018 Mar-28-2018 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 6.75c 100% Sep-06-2017 Sep-28-2017 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5.25c 100% Mar-07-2017 Mar-29-2017 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 6c 100% Sep-06-2016 Sep-28-2016 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 Result 5c 100% Mar-04-2016 Mar-29-2016 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%
Financials $8,620 H F Result 5.3c 100% Sep-03-2015 Sep-28-2015 $3.130 $3.030 4.08%

Therefore, Medibank Private Limited will distribute 6.1 cents per share of dividends to its shareholders on March 24, 2022.

Medibank dividend history 2021

Above table gives complete information about how much dividend was given to their shareholder by Medibank in 2021.

Medibank dividend history 2020

Above table gives complete information about how much dividend was given to their shareholder by Medibank in 2020.

Medibank share information

Day range $3.160 – $3.210
Previous close $3.160
Average volume 7,199,049
52 week range $2.940 – $3.740
Foreign exempt? No
Share description Ordinary Fully Paid
Shares on issue 2,754,003,240

Medibank Fundamentals

P/E ratio 19.97
EPS $0.158
Revenue $7.03B (AUD)
Net profit $0.44B (AUD)
Cash flow $122.50
Price/free cash flow $16.32
Free cash flow yield 6.12%

Medibank Dividends

Type Interim
Dividend amount $0.061
Annual yield 4.06%
Ex date 04 Mar 2022
Record date 07 Mar 2022
Pay date 24 Mar 2022
Franking 100%

Medibank Dividend History: MPL Dividend Yield 2022

  • Annual dividend yield for Medibank is 4.15%.
  • Quarterly Dividend yield of Medibank is 0.03AUD.

Medibank Dividend Reinvestment Plan DRIP

At the moment, Medibank does not have a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) that is active or in use. Medibank shareholders are not permitted to reinvest their dividends in order to generate passive income. dividends from Medibank Private Ltd (MPL)

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Medibank Share Price Prediction

Medibank share price prediction is $3.50 AUD experts even it could go more higher but stable price prediction is $3.50 for ASX:MPL.

FAQ for Medibank Dividend History, Yield, Share Price, MPL Share Price Prediction

What is share price of Medibank

Medibank is listed in ASX:MPL and its current price is $3.13 AUD and its 52week high is $3.74aud and low is 2.79$

What is Medibank asx:mpl ex dividend date?

04 Mar 2022 was the ex dividend date for MPL.

What is Medibank asx:mpl most recent payment date for paying dividends?

24 March 2022 was the most recent payment date for paying dividends.

How many time Medibank ASX : MPL Pays Dividends Per Year?

MPL pays dividends twice a year.

What is Dividend Yield of Medibank ?

4.15% Annually

Is MPL a good investment?

Yes, as per experts it is, if risk is more than reward that its worth to invest in MPL, and also it gives dividend as a whole passive income.

Is Medibank a good buy?

Yes, as per experts and previous investors it is good stock for long term.

Does MPL have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan

No, they don’t have any DRIP plan.


Overall, the information in the previous paragraphs highlights Medibank’s dividend history for several years, including 2022, 2021, and 2020. Medibank dividend yield was also covered, along with a FAQ that clarifies the share price of MPL, the dates on which dividends are exempt from tax, the dates on which dividends are payable in 2022, and numerous other details pertaining to ASX:MPL.

Some other important information : Medibank dividend dates

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