MRF Share Price | MRF Share Price History 1990 to 2022


MRF is the largest tire manufacturer in India and the 6th largest producer in the world. MRF stands for “Madras Rubber Factory”. Its headquarter is in Chennai, India. The company manufactures a range of rubber products, including tyres, threads, tubes and conveyor belts, paints and toys. They are popular because of the rubber quality of the tyres. Many people search for MRF share price just to see where it originated by searching a very popular query on Google that is “MRF share price in 1990”. People search for it because there is a viral video on the internet which is about a grandfather who bought 20,000 MRF shares in 1990 which has now become over 1 billion. (MRF Share Price | MRF Share Price History 1990 to 2022)

MRF shares are one of the most expensive stocks in the Indian stock market. Perhaps that is why one of the main reasons why MRF has always been in the limelight is its high share price.

In this post, I am going to show you the history of MRF share price in India from 1990 to present 2022 so stay tuned with me and if you like the post then please do share with friends on social platform.

MRF Share Price History 1990 to 2022

Years MRF Share Price 1990 to 2022 (Yearly Average)
1990 ₹ 5
1991 ₹ 8
1992 ₹ 9
1994 ₹ 27
1995 ₹ 345
1996 ₹ 3570
1997 ₹ 3299
1998 ₹ 2750
1999 ₹ 2925
2000 ₹ 2710
2001 ₹ 1250
2002 ₹ 1000
2003 ₹ 2550
2004 ₹ 2820
2005 ₹ 3500
2006 ₹ 4800
2007 ₹ 8900
2008 ₹ 7360
2009 ₹ 6890
2010 ₹ 9820
2011 ₹ 750
2012 ₹ 12850
2013 ₹ 20220
2014 ₹ 39400
2015 ₹ 46300
2016 ₹ 54650
2017 ₹ 74500
2018 ₹ 81450
2019 ₹ 67460
2020 ₹ 81249
2021 ₹ 98599
2022 ₹ 71782

All of the above are the MRF share price history from 1990 to 2022. Let me inform you that all those prices are almost 100% not correct as there is no such table provided by MRF (India) or any other source which is in 1990. MRF should clearly represent the share price. Now below I am going to tell you the current share price of MRF for the year 2022. (MRF Share Price)

MRF Share Price in 2022


As we see, in the year 2022, when the above screenshot was taken, the share price of MRF at that time was 72,064 Indian Rupees. And

  1. MRF share has a 52-week high of Rs 87,550.
  2. The 52-week low for the MRF share is Rs 63,000.
  3. The dividend yield for MRF shares is 0.15%.

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MRF Share Price in 2020

Year MRF share price in 2020
2020 Around 81,000 INR

In 2020, MRF’s share price was around 81,000 Indian rupees. In 2020, the price of this share dropped to 50,000INR because of covid19.

MRF Share Price in 1990

Year MRF share price in 1990
1990 Around 5 INR

As we have seen above in the year 1990 the MRF share price was around 5 INR. And so far this stock has given returns of more than 1000%. The people who had invested in MRF in 1990 made a lot of profit and they are very rich now. Some investors are still holding MRF shares since 1990 because they have faith in the fundamentals of the company. Back in 1990, when the MRF share price was around Rs 5, one person (grandfather) bought around 20,000 shares and it is now valued at over 1 billion. this video is going very viral on youtube.

MRF Share Price in 1993

Year MRF share price in 1993
1993 11 INR

As we have seen above in the year 1993 the MRF share price in 1993 was rupees 11 approximately. Now MRF today’s price is over 66,000 INR which is over 6,00,000% in 28 years.

MRF Share Price in 1995

Year MRF share price in 1995
1995 Rs 1546

In 1995, MRF share price was trading around 1546 Indian rupees, which was recordable growth in 5 years.

MRF Share Price in 1980

Year MRF share price in 1980
1980 Rs 0 (Not traded on BSE)

Why MRF Share Price is So High?

Perhaps the only reason for such a high price is the small number of shares. Also, the company has never split the shares i.e. cut 1 share into multiple shares.

Who holds most of MRF Shares?

A hedge fund called “MOVI Pvt ltd” is the largest stakeholder in MRF; it owns around 12% of the company’s stock. The remaining shares are held by the general public.

Can I Buy 1 Share of MRF?

It is true that anyone with a trading account is always free to purchase, hold, and sell MRF shares. The primary problem with buying only one share is that you could have to pay hefty brokerage fees. strongly advises you to weigh your risks before buying just one share.

Will MRF Touch 100000?

Well, on February 10, 2021, the MRF share was trading for about 97,000 INR in India when COVID19 was announced, causing the whole Indian Stock Market to plummet. After a rough start, the market is currently steadily recovering, therefore you can see MRF share prices topping 100,000 in India in the future.

Is Investing in MRF stock Good?

Yes, according to historical or past data, the MRF stock has provided owners with fantastic profits. The majority of MRF stockholders who have held the stock for a very long time—for instance, from 1990 to 2022—are in profit. Additionally, if you know how to read charts and engage in day trading, you may still profit from the MRF stock.

Which is the Costliest Share in India?

only MRF up to now (Madras Rubber Factory). Its pricing was initially in single digits and is currently in five digits.


So friends in the above post, we discussed (MRF Share Price | MRF Share Price History 1990 to 2022) MRF share price which was around 5 INR as well as in some other years like 2022, and 2020. Also to summarize this post we would like to share with you some facts about MRF:

MRF Company Founder  : K.M. Mammon Mapillai
MRF Company Age : 76 Years, Established in 1946
MRF Headquarters : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
MRF Main Products : Tyres, Toys, Sports Equipment, Conveyor Belts, Paints, Coats
MRF Service Area : Worldwide

So friends (MRF Share Price | MRF Share Price History 1990 to 2022) Thanks for reading the post, please share it with your friends and you can comment below if you have any query regarding this stock or any other stock. Need any more information. If you are into investing, stock market or crypto then visit our website to upgrade your knowledge.

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