Raiz Investment Review 2022 | Is Raiz a good investment?

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Raiz Invest Review

Australia’s economy has historically experienced a sharp fall, forcing its citizens to devise novel means of generating income. Researchers’ analyses suggest that the new Australian generation may soon experience a financial downturn. Given this circumstance, Australians turned to micro-investment because regular investing might imperil hard-earned money and because they lacked the funds to do so.

A micro trading programme called Raiz has been launched to deal with all of this perilous scenario. To generate some passive income, people are investing in this application. This page is dedicated to providing a thorough explanation of how this programme functions and what its specifics are. In essence, it is an article. (Raiz Investment Review 2022 | Is Raiz a good investment?)

What is Raiz?

An application called Raiz Investment, which is geared for Australians, was created to enable investing even with a modest amount of money. It was created in February of this year.

Users of this appealing application may make investments in pre-made portfolios with as little as $5. In essence, it accumulates frequent small-dollar investments that grow into larger wealth. Similar services like Uber and Airbnb are similar to Raiz. We must be familiar with how Uber operates since it enables drivers to connect passengers in need of any type of transportation; similarly, Raiz facilitates a simple link between those with extra money and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). ETFs pool these investments, make investments in a range of stocks, and seek to make money.

Working and Operability of Raiz:

The “Raiz” programme has a very user-friendly design and experience, which makes it easier to use. Here is a brief summary of how to invest in Raiz. The Raiz investing process is as follows:

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1. Deposit Money :

Users of Raiz have three ways to add money to their investing accounts.

The following are the three possible investment choices:

  • Round-ups:

In this deposit option, Raiz adds a small amount to the money to round it up before investing.

  • Lump-sum:

It is comparable to investing money that is in your bank account.

  • Recurring Deposits:

You can set or assign a specific sum of money to be put into the Raiz account every day, every week, or every month using this option.

Choose A Custom Portfolio

You must decide on an investment portfolio after making your investment choice. Aggressive, Moderate, Moderately Conservative, Emerald, and Moderately Aggressive are the six options available for investment portfolios.

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What is Raiz Portfolio?

Every portfolio is made up of different allocations of the same ETFs, each with a different level of risk. Based on your level of risk tolerance and the length of time you want to stay in the market, these portfolios have been professionally created to adapt to and achieve various goals. Additionally, you are free to alter your portfolio whenever you choose without incurring any additional costs. These portfolios enable Raiz investments to be used to make a profit.

Raiz investment review: What are Raiz ETFs?

Essentially, Raiz employs an ETF as a financial fund while trading on the market. Similar to stock and bond compositions, ETFs may also be formed of a combination of the two.

Withdraw :

You may quickly withdraw your savings without incurring any unavoidable or noticeable fees once you have made any money after investing it. However, it will take you 5 days to get the withdrawal.

What is Raiz Investment?

As previously mentioned, Raiz makes investments in various shares or portfolios using the funds placed into your accounts.

Raiz Fees :

Although creating an account on Rise is free, there are a number of costs that users must pay, including:

  • Maintenance Fees :

First off, anytime you make a deposit into your investing account, Raiz charges you maintenance fees. If you choose a risk-based portfolio or the Emerald Portfolio, you’ll probably be charged $3.50 per month if your balance is less than $15,000. While Sapphire portfolio investors pay a fee of $3.50 regardless of their account level, a bespoke portfolio costs a slightly higher fee of $4.50 per month if the value deposited is below $20,000. Simply said, this is one kind of Raiz charge.

  • Account Fees:

If your account balance is greater than $15,000 while you are trading in Raiz, no monthly insurance premium will be assessed, unlike other insurances like jewellery insurance, house insurance, auto insurance, etc. Instead, a pitiful cost of 0.275% annually, each month, will be charged. It implies that you will pay $55 annually if you have $20,000 in your account, for example. The same cost is also applied to all other types of portfolios. However, in addition to the maintenance cost, you will also pay a 0.275% account fee if you are dealing with a Sapphire portfolio.

  • ETF Management Fees :

You may have noticed that Raiz is very forthright about its fees and charges in the paragraphs above. ETFs also include management fees, which you should be aware of. They consequently assess a collective fee of 0.04% year, or $20, on the remaining $50,000.

The three different Raiz account maintenance fees are as follows.

Enticing features of Raiz:

Here are some appealing qualities of Raiz that will encourage you to buy it: You are likely to appreciate these advantages if your goal is to have a Raiz Investment.

1. It is good for beginners

The fact that anybody may use Raiz without needing to be an expert trader is one of the main factors contributing to its increasing popularity and significance. He provides a precious possibility to simply invest $5, in contrast to other investing platforms where you need a sizable sum to get started.

2. Fractional Investing

This investment platform’s ability to let users purchase ETFs in fractions based on the amount of money in your chosen portfolio is a fantastic tool.

3. Regular Savings

Raiz assures you that consistent, lesser investments can result in more wealth in the road. You are able to make as many financial contributions as you’d like thanks to the automated round-up option.

4. Withdraw Freedom

No of the time range, Raiz offers limitless deposits and withdrawals. When you wish, you may both deposit and withdraw money.

Raiz investment review: Is Raiz for Kids?

The Raiz kids feature lets you fund an investing account for your children who are under the age of 18 in addition to children and the elderly. Additionally, the Kids account is a part of your primary account and is not a distinct one. You decide how much of your top-ups should go into that account for your children.

Pros and Cons of Raiz application:

After reading this part, you will have a better understanding of this investing application.

Pros   Cons
This trading platform offers fantastic desktop and mobile usability. You are not at all interrupted or irritated by its alerts. Even for low account balances, it levies a rather significant fee. For instance, a fee of $3.50 will negatively affect your investment if you won a sum of $250.
There are no lengthy or laborious forms to complete for this application. Money may be deposited and withdrew quite easily. He constantly mentions certain investing risk aspects. That implies that if the market falls, you may lose a substantial sum of money.
Offers excellent customer service, making it convenient for you to ask for help whenever you need it. You have the option to invest in the stock markets of your choice.
Additionally, Raiz rewards its members with rebates or discounts on purchases. This platform only accepts investments from individuals.

Raiz investment review: Is Raiz safe

Numerous people have so far provided positive feedback about it. According to them, Raiz has an Australian Financial Services License, so even if anything terrible occurs, the traders won’t go bankrupt entirely. It has also created a solid security setup as a result of growing security risks. In essence, it is a rather secure platform. As a result, you ought to invest in Raiz.

Raiz vs Spaceship

Feature  Raiz Spaceship
Portfolio options  It gives 7 different portfolios There are three portfolios
Trading Fees Charges a fee of $3.50 monthly Charges $2.50 per month
Key Benefits It is collectively low cost It provides an easy way to invest in Stocks


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