SBI Bank Share Price | SBI Share Price Prediction 2022-2050 💰

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SBI Share Overview

Here we are going to talk about SBI, whose full form is “State Bank of India” and it is the largest bank in India established in the year 1995. At first when this bank was first opened, at that time this bank was known as “Imperial Bank”, later this bank changed to SBI. Let me tell you one main thing that this bank is operated by the Government of India. The bank has developed gradually.

In the year 1999 on 1st July, SBI got listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). At that time the listing on the stock exchange price of SBI was around INR 16 and later the price kept rising slowly but over a period of almost 2 decades, the stock became a multi-bagger for the early investors and shareholder. To know more click hare (SBI Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 💰, SBI Share Price)

Let me tell you, at the time of writing this post, SBI stock price is now 508 INR.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2022

Months High Low
Jan 569 497
Feb 596 514
Mar 565 499
Apr 610 540
May 641 550
Jun 768 585
Jul 740 635
Aug 709 655
Sep 720 650
Oct 734 645
Nov 750 710
Dec 785 730

What is SBI’s stock estimate? SBIN Stock Prediction: Financial experts continuously update the data above for the State Bank of India price projection for 2022 on our website.

The share price of SBI was 460 INR in the beginning of 2022 and rose steadily to today’s price of 508 INR. If this trend continues, the price of SBI stock might reach 550INR before the end of the year. (SBI Share Price | SBI Bank Share Price Prediction 2022-2050 💰)

SBI Share Price Prediction 2022

Year SBI Share Price in 2022
2022 ₹540-550 to ₹640-650

The SBI share price prediction ranges from 550 to 650 rupees may be for 2022. Although not exact, the information in the above table provides a general idea of what SBI’s share price would be in 2022 based on our research.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2023

Year SBI Share Price in 2023
2023 ₹760 to ₹850

The predicted price range for SBI shares in 2023 is between 760 and 850 rupees. The share price of SBI is projected in this table to change in 2023. On the other hand, based on our research, we project this price for SBI shares in 2023, however it may be lower or higher.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2025

Year SBI Share Price in 2025
2025 ₹900 to ₹1050

The 900 to 1050 rupee target price range for SBI shares in 2025. The table above provides details on feasible objectives for State Bank of India’s stake in 2023. and if it succeeds in achieving this goal, the price of each SBI share will be at Rs. 900.

This represents a very good return and almost 80% of SBI’s current share price in 2022.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2030

Year Sbi Share Price in 2030
2030 ₹1140 to ₹1450

SBI share price target for 2030 is between 1140 to 1450 rupees .Well above share price of state bank of India display that where it will be in 2030.

If these goals are achieved, an estimated calculation shows that the share price of SBI will be approximately 1100INR. Shareholders and investors will see a fantastic return on their investment. Anyone investing now, at the price of about 500 INR, will see a little increase on their investment by 2030.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2040

Year Sbi share price in 2040
2040 ₹2355

SBI shares are anticipated to cost 2355 rupees in 2040. Charts show that the price of the SBIN share will rise over the coming years, according to technical analysis. Although little changes are noticeable, they have little effect on share price. Overall, this stock is the greatest option for long-term investors.

SBI Share Price Prediction 2050

Year Sbi share price in 2050
2050 Coming Soon

We are working on updating the SBIN share price prediction for 2050, and we are attempting to conduct appropriate technical analysis. By the way, if you were to guess or estimate, it might be close to 3350.

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SBI Share Price forecast 5 Years

According to our research, the share price of SBI might rise over 1050 rupees during the next five years. Although some services that predict prices assert that it will remain around 950 INR.

FAQ – SBI – State Bank of India Share

Is it good time to invest in SBI?

Yes, it appears that this is an excellent time to purchase SBI shares. You can anticipate similar outcomes in the future based on the news, updates, and performance of SBI in the past.
Do not purchase this stock if you are looking to earn quick money. Due to its propensity to perform well over an extended length of time, SBI shares are a long-term investment. Still, nothing can be stated because everyone is aware that the market lacks confidence when it moves quickly and declines to the bottom. (SBI Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050 , SBI Share Price)

Is SBI share price overvalued?

Yes, because SBI’s PB ratio is 1.5x while the average for the banking sector is 0.9x. which is high by banking sector standards.

Is it right time to buy SBI Card share?

Whether you want to hold an investment for a long time or sell it quickly depends on your goals.

SBI share financials

The Market Capitalization of SBI Bank (State Bank of India) 3,19,990 Crore.


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